Math & Tech Engeneering GmbH

Development and Engineering

Do you have high quality standards? Are you looking for an optical system that reliably detects even the smallest defects with the highest accuracy?  Then MathTech is the right choice for you. We implement intelligent image processing solutions for almost all branches.

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  • Development of camera and sensor systems for optical analysis
  • Selection and installation of all necessary components (camera, line scan camera, 3D sensors, optics, lighting, cabling, carrier systems, rails, motors, robot systems, PC)
  • We develop your system step-by-step in laboratory tests, as a prototype on site and finally as a finished system in the running process.
  • We offer you consulting, training and support


  • Our engineers are always at the cutting edge of technology
  • We have extensive experience in various fields of application
  • We have several years of very good experience with our hardware suppliers.


  • Optical metrology
  • Optical quality control
  • Font and code recognition
  • 3D analysis
  • 2D analysis
  • Positioning, robot assembly
  • completeness check
  • texture inspection
  • robot vision
  • color control
  • print inspection
  • surface inspection
  • character recognition
  • presence check
  • 2D measurement
  • 3D Surveying
  • 2D position detection
  • 3D position detection
  • 2D object recognition
  • 3D object recognition