Math & Tech Engeneering GmbH

Development of learning systems

Learning processes use test data and can use this data and images to extend, evaluate and classify the existing system. This makes our systems extremely flexible. Our intelligent software can therefore solve almost any complex image processing task.



What is LASKA?

  • LASKA is the learning system of MathTech.
  • LASKA is a framework for development and optimization of testing software.
  • LASKA is a flexible system that can be adapted to changing conditions and at the same time it offers high recognition accuracy.
  • LASKA Framework additionally allows an objective validation and optimization of the system's test process capability for standardized procedures.


  • The user is supported in the creation of reference data (indication of errors and labeling).
  • Presentation and output of results
  • Thanks to a GUI, LASKA can also be used by non-image processors.
  • Small differences or small defects can be reliably detected and classified
  • Individual solutions can be created efficiently
  • Rapid analysis of large amounts of data, e.g. images


  • Text recognition (also handwriting) on complex surfaces
  • Complex inspection tasks with high quality demands
  • Automatic classification of objects or defects
  • Detection of anomalies
  • Easy adaptation of the test system to new defects, products and changed production conditions
  • Prediction of object behaviour (e.g. will a solder joint pass quality tests?)
  • Detection of dependencies between object characteristics
  • machine learning