Math & Tech Engeneering GmbH

Development with HALCON

As true profis we use only the best software. Halcon from MVTEC is an absolutely comprehensive library for industrial image processing. You benefit from this because we are able to offer a suitable software solution for every industry and for a multitude of applications in industrial image processing.




What is HALCON?

  • A leading program library for industrial image processing
  • Includes over 1400 operators for image processing
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) for machine vision (HDevelop)
  • Multi-processor and GPU acceleration support
  • Hardware-independent by supporting a multitude of interfaces to hundreds of industrial cameras and frame grabbers


  •  Reduce costs through fast and simple application development
  • Applications are fast, accurate, robust
  • Adaptable applications through machine learning
  • Efficient and safe production processes


  • Identification of barcodes, QR codes
  • High-performance OCRs, even under difficult conditions
  • print image control
  • position check
  • position sensing
  • completeness check
  • Defect detection on a wide variety of surfaces
  • calibration
  • 3D image processing
  • Subpixel accurate measurement